Discover 6 ways on How to Make Money Online working from Home.


Have you ever thought about how to make money online working from the comfort of your home? Well, even if you’ve never had it cross your mind; one thing i can tell you is this; you’re missing out in potential opportunities of earning passive income on the internet!

In this post, i’ll be discussing 6 ways you can actually make money on the internet while you work from the comfort of your home.

So let’s get started!

Post Content outlined:

  • Get Paid doing task on Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Get paid doing Online Surveys
  • Start your own Dropshipping Business
  • Promote Affiliate Products
  • Start writing as a Freelancer
  • Get Paid Social Media Jobs


Get Paid doing task on Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Amazon Mechanical Turk (also known as MTurk) is one of the web services owned by Amazon. It’s basically a crowd-sourcing marketplace for works that requires human intelligence in completing the required task.

Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk are known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks); these are primarily tasks that computers cannot do.

Employers or Businesses can post tasks and specify a payout rate for the task (which sometimes includes bonuses).

Your job is to look for suitable task that you can do; once the task is completed and submitted; then the employer has the option to either approve or reject your task. In most cases your task will get approved, in as much you work within the requesters (Employers) requirements.

Once your task is approved; the payment will be released into your Amazon Mechanical Turk account, which you can then transfer into your bank account or transfer into your gift card.


Get paid doing Online Surveys:

This might be one of the very popular opportunities on the internet, but to me, it’s not the best of it!

Although; online surveys do have its own benefits but it all varies from company to company.

Interestingly; companies are investing billions of dollars into market research (such as online surveys) and other related. Meaning; there’s is money to be make in such industry, but the annoying part is the bad reputation attached to online surveys.

Although; there’re lots of online survey companies with good reputation; companies like Swagbucks! They are one of the well known and reliable online marketing research company’s in the industry. Follow this link to learn more about Swagbucks.


Start your own Dropshipping Business:

Dropshipping is a very interesting business model; in fact, it has been in existence for decades.

Dropshipping is simply a product retail method where you (the retailer) don’t have or keep product inventory of your own; instead, you fulfil your orders through wholesale supplier’s or other retailers that has the product in stock.

Basically; the retailer or wholesale supplier has its own inventory, and they ship directly to the buyers on your behave (depending on your agreements).

After the product is sold; the difference between the selling price and the products actual price is mostly your profit (but excluding your other expenses).

One of the best places to learn dropshipping is through Salehoo. Although they are a wholesale directory but they do have one of the best training resources to learn the A-Z of dropshipping. You can learn more about them from this Salehoo review.


Promote Affiliate Products:

Promoting Affiliate products is commonly known as Affiliate marketing. It’s basically a marketing process where you (the affiliate) promotes other peoples products for commissions.

One good thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s mostly done online; you simply promote products to potential buyers and send them to the merchant’s website as traffic (the product owner’s website); then the product owner then pays you the specified commission, but only if anyone from the people you’ve sent to their website ends up buying from them (the merchant).


Promoting Affiliate products is one of the most profitable ways of making money on the internet, but it’s not an easy route for anyone that wants the easy methods; it does require consistencies to put the system in place.


Start writing as a Freelancer:

Freelance writing is simply writing contents for other people or businesses; such as Articles, Copywriting, books, writing Business proposals and many more…

Freelance writing is actually one of the most popular and known ways to make money online these days.

Although, making money from writing as a freelancer do takes time and dedication for you to achieve your goal; but one thing i know for sure is that it can be highly profitable once you establish yourself in the industry!

Bear this in mind; writers will always be needed; in as much as the world needs new ideals, then the need for content writers is a most! So if this is an area you’re comfortable at; then be rest assured that you’ll be in business for a long time.


Get Paid Social Media Jobs:

Image Source:

This is one area that is seriously trending by the day; social media is now becoming a necessity of life! Through social media alone, you can actually make a living. Search online for the term “Paid Social Media Jobs” to see some results for yourself.

Basically; your job is mostly to manage company’s social media accounts. But the key note here is that, you have to be quite good on how to socially engage audience in every means possible.

In my opinion; all you need is to know how to present facts and statistics, respond to comments with helpful answers when required. Basically, if you’re the kind of person that’s quite proactive with helpful answers; then you’ll possibly do just fine in this area of work!

NOTE: If Paid Social Media Jobs is something that interest you; then you might want to check out this website for some tips about how to get Paid Social Media Jobs.



With these 6 ways on how to make money online working from Home; I believe you now have an idea on how you too can actually start earning money online working from Home, and coupled with other different options that you can always make use of after learning more at your own time.

As you can see; making money on the internet is not as difficult as it might sound, but it does take quite a lot of learning, dedication, consistency and time!

Let me leave you with one of my favourites quote:

“Only those that are ready to take the next step, stands the chance of getting the rewards the next step has to offer”.

Now over to you!

A key note to remember; there are countless of free resources on the internet that you can actually read to learn more about just anything you want! All you need to do is just Google It!

Thanks for your time, and wishing you Best of Luck!



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